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Thread: My journey to a 1500 raw total

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    My journey to a 1500 raw total

    Yep, you heard it, im going for a 1500 raw total. So now you are probably wondering, who the hell am i and how far am i from this total?

    Ive been training for just over 3 years and powerlifting for around 6 months. I weigh about 188 right now after getting over a pretty bad sickness where i lost about 6 lbs. I plan to compete in the 198 weight class for the time being and i am taking my time working my way to the top of the weight class as i would like to stay lean and not put on any bad weight.

    I train using an Ed Coan 4 day routine (all main lifts periodized) with

    Squat Monday
    Bench Wednesday
    Deadlift Friday (Coan Phillipi program)
    Bench assistance Saturday

    Now for some stats and numbers so you know what im working with and how far i need to come to reach my goals of a 1500 raw total.

    - I am 5'10 188

    - My best gym squat was 330x10 or 385x2 however i have not truly maxed in a long time and have never done a full meet so i have no competition numbers for squat

    - My best competition lift for bench was 315, going 3 for 3 in my first and only meet

    - My best gym deadlift is 545x2, though i have only been doing deficit deads recently

    So right now i am right around a 1300 total if i can put it all together at a meet. I was happy to see that i performed well in my first meet and actually hit a 30 lb pr though i had been hitting my opener easy in training before the meet. I have 200 lbs to put on my total to reach my goal and i would like to do so by apa raw nationals next year which gives me about a year to acheive my goal.

    My next planned meet is an all raw meet which will be held in october, so i will get my feet wet then and see what i need to work on, and im damn sure it will be alot

    Are my goals lofty? Oh hell yes they are, but why set goals if you know you can acheive them?

    So if you want to follow along and see if i can pass or fail, be my guest i would be glad to have ya. First workout of the new journal will be up later tonight.

    I am very interested as well in any and all advice from more experienced guys, even if its to tell me how much i suck. It all helps, so training talk is encouraged.
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