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Thread: Critique my routine, right shoulder problems/weakness

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    Critique my routine, right shoulder problems/weakness

    Hey guys just thought i would post this up i could really use some help on the routine. But some background info first on my problem; my right shoulder is incredibly weak, the rear delt and rotator is weakened from something not sure what. I was just diagnosed with an MRI and by my doc as having a mildly bulging disc (forgot where c6 or b8 or baltic avenue or something) i have mild neurapatha in my right arm. i recently went to a PT appointment and the lady noticed my right shoulder is incredibly weak to what it appears to be.. she was actually suprised at how she was able to push down on my right arm while i was laying down with arm extended and "break me" as she put it.

    So i was hoping someone in the know could help with my routine knowing my right shoulder is weak..which kinda slows down my whole shoulder routine and could help with adding/subtracting exercises or switching up the order in days or the exercises. Any help would be much appreciated. Also if maybe i should be doing light strengthening exercises outside of the gym to try to build this bitch up. What can i do to focus on my rotators cuff? Are there any supps/foods i should take in or avoid?

    (ALT ---) means i sometimes alternate the previous exercises with one of the ones listed in ().

    Monday : CHEST- Bench, Incl Bench, dumbell flys (ALT-Pec Deck-Plate Loaded Incline Press) SHOULDERS; DB Shoulder Press, Lateral Raises, Reverse Pec Deck.

    Tuesday; off maybe 15mins elliptical because i like going to the gym, the natural high afterwords.

    Wednesday; BACK- Lat Pulldown, Deadlifts, Dumbell Rows, (Alt-Low Row pulley) Note; i am moving up well in my back weights; TRAPS; Dumbells shrugs, smith machine upright rows

    Thursday; off;maybe light cardio

    Friday; BICEPS - Barbell curls, dumbell curls, preacher curls TRICEPS - Skull Krushers, smith close grip bench, ab machine push down (similar to dips)

    Saturday- LEGS; Leg Press - laying hamstring curls, seated calf raises,

    Sunday - nothing maybe light elliptical 15-25mins

    ----Notes: Chest day really aggravates my RIGHT trap as i get into the workout, not painful but just a sore feeling and the right TRAP is really tense like its being worked out. I try not to and use good form but i cant help it. Skull Krushers at the end helps relieve the pain, i use a light weight and sometimes let the weight go behind my head pulling my arms back which seems to almost extend my spine like traction would. Running also really makes my back hurt but the elliptical especially the one with the arm levers really helps.. i feel great afterwords. Thinking about incorporating 2-5mins after chest day. ----

    Would it be better to possibly just do a light shoulder exercise after Chest and then do another light shoulder exercise in the week, maybe during a cardio day? What are the best exercises for the rear delt, rotator?

    What i dont get is why the muscle is weaker, is the shoulder/rotator itself weaker or is it some kinda nerve disconnect,damage that triggers pain,weakness in an otherwise normal muscle? (not really asking just wondering)

    Thanks a lot guys if you can even just read this and can offer one thing i wouldreally appreciate it. And anyone with related personal experience PLEASE give me your story.
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    hey man whats up!

    Looks like you got too much stuff going on. I also have a nagging shoulder injury I'm working through (shoulder injuries are just a fact of life it seems). I benefit from 'less is more' mentality. I push very hard for 1-2 work sets and then I'm done with that muscle group. Size comes from overfeeding (as you know) not overworking the muscle. All you need to do is train to hit the growth stimulus and then STOP. Going beyond the growth stimulus is just depleting glycogen and setting your recovery time back.

    Here's my routine if you're curious:
    Day 1: Squats/Vertical push-pull
    Push Press 1x8-12
    Box Squats 2x4-6
    Pullups 2x8-12
    Planks weighted 3x10 breaths
    20 mins cardio

    Day 2: Rack Pulls/Horizontal push-pull
    Floor Press 1x8-12, 3x3 negatives
    Rack Pulls 2x8-12
    DB Row 2x8-12
    BB Curl 2x8-12

    Day 3: 40 mins cardio and Abs

    Then sometimes day 4 I'll take off for complete rest or if I've been getting in all my protein and total cals then I'll go ahead and repeat cycle. Its really up to whether I got enough food in if I can repeat or have to rest to have chance to get some more feedings in.
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    thanks Samadhi, im learning that not to do too much and just make what i do count. Its hard though...goes against conventional thought that the more the better and its hard to break. But yesterday i just did Bench, incline dumbbell and that was it for chest, and im feeling it today. You seem to do a lot of cardio, are you cutting? I used to not be much for cardio but now since im not working hard during the day i find i like cardio and want to do more. I used to do a 4-5 day split and i made great gains but after repeatedly reading one muscle a week i moved to that. I might move back soon and see how it goes.

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    Yeah, less is better sometimes. Its all about progressive overload if you want strength and size. Training volume for me doesn't really just makes my body more used to...volume. I don't honestly care about being able to pound out multiple sets of something.

    here's a post I made elsewhere (about my cardio).

    Quote Originally Posted by samadhi_smiles View Post
    paradoxically, when I'm trying to lose fat, I stop doing cardiovascular aerobic exercise. It spikes my hunger way too high and makes cutting calories psychologically a very unpleasant activity. Its much easier to cut without aerobic activity. Just load up on green tea and coffee and eat moderately for a few days and boom, 2 pounds of fat are gone.

    If I'm trying to gain mass I will do cardio to stimulate my appetite so I'll eat more.

    I go by my hunger, I do not track calories.

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    You need to strengthen your rotator cuff with elastic bands like baseball players do. You also need to stretch the posterior capsule, which gets tight from pressing motions. Google rotator cuff exercises and sleeper stretch. Give that a try and see what it does for you.

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    also broomstick stretch

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    good call, thats the first thing i did after i posted this was google rotator cuff exercises. Im going to start throwing those into my routine here and there and maybe on my off days.

    I really want to break down my routine to a 4-5 day split but ive gotten set in this 7 day'er. Samadhi would you mind maybe just explaining a little more in detail your routine. The exercises or what muscle group the exercises hit? It seems pretty unique. Also how heavy are you going... i mean are you drained after those sets or do you have more in the tank? Do you need a spotter to finish the last few reps of the last sets? im really curious

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