Stop for a second and really THINK before you post it. Have you read the stickies? Have you read other posts which might have asked the same questions you have? Did you try to search for your answer? Are you a beginner trying to make your own routine? Is what you are doing working for you?

That last question is probably the most important. If what you are doing is yielding results, who cares what others think about it.

I post this because we have had an influx of these routine critique threads and most of them wind up being terrible routines made by people who really don't have a clue. New guys, start reading and you will probably find the answers to most of your questions.

As for those who are just looking for affirmation that what they are doing is good, when it obviously isn't, don't be surprised when you are told your routine blows. We have a large contingent of great members here who know their stuff and aren't going to blow smoke up your behind.