Well, I'm out a car it looks like. Got a call from campus security today while at the gym requesting that I move my car because the lot had begun to flood (apparently, begun to flood means about a foot and a half of water). Car started fine but didn't do too well trying to get through the gigantic puddle of water. Insurance quoted $2000 worth of damage, which doesn't total it; value is $3000. Needs an entirely new engine and new interior. Have no money to buy another car, even a used one. Just put $1000 into it on Saturday for new tires and brakes. Not really sure what to do now, I'm kind of in shock because not only did I waste 1000 which could've gone towards a new car or you know, rent, but now I have no way to travel to school and especially my summer internship which is about 40 minutes from my house.