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Thread: Assistance Bench Day Question.

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    Assistance Bench Day Question.


    My question is is it ok to do speed work after doing close grip high boards?
    Last night I did the following:

    1. Raw 3 board close grip with doubled mini bands-worked up to 315 x 3 with pause at top of each rep 3 seconds.
    2. Speed against doubled minis-135x3x6 sets.
    3. Hanging kettlebell close bench-180 in bells+45 bar 5x3 sets.
    4. Shoulder raises 3 light sets.

    Does this look ok or will it interfere with my heavy shirt day?
    I was hoping it would be ok as the weights on the close boards raw are alot lees than what I handle on the shirt day.

    Thank you for your help!
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