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Thread: Best Diet to Put on Mass

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    Best Diet to Put on Mass

    Basically, I am a bodybuilding beginner and I am 1.85 m tall and 74 kg heavy. As you can deduce from these, I am quite thin and my current aim is to put on mass.

    What's the best diet I can undertake to gain mass as quickly as possible ?
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    Plenty of meat. Steak, Chicken and eggs.

    Drink Milk.

    Plenty of carbs ... but not too much. Pasta, Rice, Oats, Fruit Veg.
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    eat good food, but lots of it.
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    Keep carbs high, but dont forget to get good portions of fats and protein.

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    Originally posted by Shocker
    eat good food, but lots of it.
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    This diet put some serious mass on me, but it was a tough diet to keep consistant. I did a lot of cooking every night for the next days meals and I ate a lot. I got sick of it after about 12 weeks, but I did very well with it and put on 20 lbs of good weight.

    Meal 1 - 7:00
    -6 eggs(4 white)
    -8 oz OJ
    -2 tbsp flax

    Meal 2 - 9:30
    -1 can Tuna on
    -2 slices wheat bread
    -1 pk oatmeal
    -10g whey

    Meal 3 - 12:00
    -1 Lg. Chicken breast
    -2 pk oatmeal
    -10g whey

    Meal 4 - 2:30
    -Roast beef on
    -Wheat bagel
    -10g Whey

    Meal 5 - 4:30
    -1 can tuna on
    -2 slices wheat bread
    -1 pk oatmeal
    -10g Whey

    Meal 6 - 7:00
    -8 oz steak
    -Whole grain rice(2 cups cooked)
    -1 cup grapes
    -10g Whey

    Meal 7 - 9:00
    -8 oz Salmon
    -1 slice wheat bread

    Meal 8 - 10:30
    -40g milk/egg protein
    -2 tbsp flax

    Calories - 4200
    Protein - 340g
    Carbs - 425g
    Fat - 100g
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