I am in my middle 50s, partner in a family lumber business with two sawmills. I was working at the mill, piling lumber when one of our guys was out from back pain. Horsing the timbers around, as well as the planks and the boards, my groin became sore, and today as I moved a piece of wood sideways, in a twisting movement with my centre, I pulled my groin muscle. I went to the doc as it was bothering quite a bit, and had been bothering a few days. In college Doc used to work out, and recommended no weights for 3 to 4 weeks, and prescribed valium, which I have never taken before. I will behave myself for a time, especially as he says no twisting or anything that your body tells you is not good to do.

It does not bother me enough to do NO exercise at all for my upper body, but I will not be doing barbell rows unless after a while I do them with one hand, with the other one bracing. Presses will not affect me at least not the lighter presses, but I will miss doing squats and any other pulls that I normally would do.

So anyway, after some rest time, what are some exercises that are useful for strengthening the adductors, and also the groin area? Before this injury, a couple of months ago, I was doing scissor types of leg lift/movements, which helped for a time, although I could feel some vulnerability there.