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Thread: Check out this REAL routine.

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    Check out this REAL routine.

    Not your typical critique my routine thread.

    I have built strong foundation of strength on compound movements and routines such as 5x5's, WBB #1, and currently BGB. Lately I have turned more to a hypertrophy approach. After all it is my goal to do a show.

    Got this routine from an all natural bodybuilder who's been a personal trainer and competing for 13 years.

    Day 1 - Chest

    bench press (barbell)- 2 warmup sets of 15-20 - 5 workout sets, 12-10-8-6-4 (last set I do a drop set)
    Incline bench press (dumbell) - 4 sets - 10-8-6-4
    pec dec - 4 sets - 12-10-8-6
    cable crossovers - 4 sets - 12-10-8-6
    dumbell flyes supersetted with incline pushups - 12-10-8-6 (pushups are to failure)

    day 2 - back

    weighted chin-ups - 2 warmup sets with just body weight, 4 workout sets 10-8-6-4
    reverse grip machine pulldowns(hammer strength) 4 sets 10-8-6-4
    bent over barbell rows - 4 sets - 10-8-6-4
    wide grip pulldowns - 4 sets - 10-8-6-4
    seated cable rows- 4 sets 10-8-6-4

    Day 3 - legs

    warm up with 2 sets of leg extensions

    squats - 5 sets - 12-10-8-6-4
    leg press - 4 sets - 10-8-6-4
    leg extensions - 4 sets - 12-10-8-6
    stiff legged deadlifts - 4 sets - 10-8-6-4
    leg curls - 4 sets - 12-10-8-6
    kamikazes - 4 sets to failure

    once a month I'll switch it up and do a day of 20/20's - that's 20 sets of 20 reps of squats with a plate a side. Doesn't sound like much, but you won't walk properly for about a week after.

    Day 4 - rest

    Day 5 - bi's and tri's


    dumbell curls - 2 warmup sets of 15-20 - 4 workout sets - 10-8-6-4
    seated preacher curls - 4 sets 10-8-6-4
    barbell curls - 4 sets - 10-8-6-4
    crossbodies - 4 sets 10-8-6-4


    weighted dips(on bars) 2 warmup sets with just body weight 4 workout sets 10-8-6-4
    close grip bench - 4 sets - 10-8-6-4
    lying one arm dumbell extensions - 4 sets - 10-8-6-4
    overhead rope extensions - 4 sets - 10-8-6-4

    Day 6 - shoulders and calves


    warmup with rotator cuff rotations

    dumbell shoulder press - 2 warmup sets for 15-20 - 4 workout sets - 10-8-6-4
    side raises - 4 sets - 12-10-8-6
    rear delt machine - 4 sets 12-10-8-6
    front raises - 4 sets - 12-10-8-6
    dumbell shrugs - 5 sets - 12-10-8-6-4


    donkey calf raises - 5 sets - 12-10-8-6-4
    seated calf raises - 5 sets - 12-10-8-6-4

    Day 7 - rest
    The Day 6 to day one transition worries me a little bit.

    I'm not as advanced in my training as this guy so I will be decreasing the volume. I have a good idea on what I'm going to take out but a second opinion is always helpful.

    What exercises would you take out? Please remember my goal is muscular hypertrophy. I will be on a positive energy balance. I am young and I recover fast. I'm also willing to dedicate the time to this routine.
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    That seems like a lot of volume. If you have been threw that many programs you know what works for "your" body then. Only way to find out is give it a try. Myself, when I decide to change it up and go for a bodybuilding style routine I will do something like this.. Basic and should get the job done.

    Monday (Legs) Squat, DB Lunge, Good Morning, Calf Raise
    Tuesday (Chest, Tri's) Bench, Incline DB, Dips, Skull Crusher
    Wednesday (Rest)
    Thursday (Back, Bi's) Dead Lift, Pull Up, DB Row, Curl
    Friday (Shoulders, Abs) OH Press, side/rear lateral raise, Abs

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    What are your numbers like?

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    Look... he's been lifting for 13 years... and this is literally HIS routine... this works for HIM and after 13 years I'm sure he knows his body and what he likes. This isn't a routine that anyone should just do. It has a lot of volume and for god's sake there's a day dedicated to bi's and tri's. WTF... seriously. Just because "a bodybuilder does it" doesn't mean it's optimal for you.
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    The biggest thing that worries me is the sheer amount of shoulder volume per week in this routine.

    You are training them 4 days a week (chest, back, triceps and shoulder days) and with 60+ sets. And that's without adding in the warmups.

    I'd remove the entire direct shoulder workout from the last day.

    Delete crossovers and pec decs and put in Military press there. Crossovers and pec decs are not mass builders and will do nothing for hypertrophy that benching won't do.

    Wide grip is hazardous to your RC. Remember the poster known as Built? She wrote some very good points regarding the dangers of wide grip.

    20/20's sound like a good way to get a knee/lower back sprain/injury as you fatigue over time.

    And you have a bicep/tricep day...what can I say about that? If you feel you must train them then why not train biceps after chest and triceps after back? That way they still get hit twice a week.

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    Its a pretty bad routine for someone who isn't on teh juice, but I'm sure you know that already. You could take the two heaviest compound exercises on any given day and work with those, and it might be serviceable... but still, I don't like training every muscle group only once every 7 days. It doesn't make sense. Its impossible really, the body doesn't work that way. Squats will work your back in addition to your lowerbody. Deadlifts will work your legs in addition to your back, as will bent over rows(to a degree). All weightlifting exercises done on your feet will make use of your posterior chain, often heavy use, from traps to calves, and there's nothing you can do about it except accommodate your routine to make use of it.

    Those programs that have given you that good base of strength have great potential for mass gaining. There are also dozens of other proven mass gaining routines, and many or most of them work on the idea of programmed volume/intensity and short term periodization, which is completely missing from the proposed routine. I don't know, my advice for whatever its worth is to check out some proven volume based routines: German Volume Training, Advanced German Volume training, OVT, Chad Waterbury routines(10x3), etc. They've all been used to add tons of muscle.

    But more important than all of that: eat every damn thing in sight. You're training hard, don't ever stop that, you just need to over-fuel your metabolism and let the muscles grow.
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    Its a start, but I would cut the volume in half for most bodyparts and combine at least 2, if not more of the days. Quite a few filler exercises in there which could be removed.

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