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Thread: DB Bench Form

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    DB Bench Form

    I've incorporated DB bench press into my routine and I think it is really helping me. However, I've noticed that I don't get into standard bench press form with back arched, lats pinched, and legs in driving position. I think some of this may be me just being in "do" mode and not thinking through it. But, I think a little of it is that it when you lay back on the bench with the weights in ready mode it is difficult to get in bench form because you're holding the weight of the dumbells so it is hard to get in position. So, my question is should I suck it up and get in bench form or is more of a flat back form OK for DB bench press?

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    I dont get into my usual arch as its difficult to set up with DBs. I set up feet flat instead of tucked, arch as much as I can to stay tight and drive into my heels, and pinch the shoulders and squeeze my lats. Close to the same except for the arch.
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    Yeah its definitely hard to get into the same position as your regular flat bench. Do the best you can though. When you roll back onto the bench, try pinching your shoulders together so when you do get into position, you have a nice strong base, then pull your feet back, and get your ass under you as much as possible.
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