OK, this will probably get flamed as a dumb post but here goes anyways.

I just got a new power rack and the pins are those ones that stick out about 5" with the big round knob at the end to prevent the bar from rolling off. So they are different from a J hook.

As a noobie every once in a while I slightly lean forward on a squat. When doing box squats the other day I did my lean forward thing and hit the pin on the way up. It wasn't a big deal because my box squats are so low I was able to recover. But if I'm working on a max 3x5 and hit the pins I doubt I'd be able to recover. Just curious if anyone has hit such a pin on the way up and had to bail?

FWIW, I look at is as a good thing because it makes me force myself to get my butt back so I don't lean forward because I'm worried about hitting the pin. But, a little bit of me keeps thinking god I hope I don't hit that ****ing pin.....