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Thread: Homemade Dip Belt

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    Homemade Dip Belt

    I'm going to go buy some chain to add to my lifting belt to make a dip belt...

    Any recommendations on what size chain, and the length?

    I'm assuming I should also probably buy two caribeaners (sp?) in order to attach/unattach the chain to the metal on my belt...

    Anyone have any better tried and true recommendations?
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    A member here, borracho, has a link in his sig to a thread where he made a dip belt out of snow chains you put on your tires in the winter. I have no idea how much those cost but it is something someone has done before with success. I think he just had them laying around so he used them.

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    I needed a dip belt and had an old scuba gear weight belt I used. I attach weight to it with a long piece of nylon webbing. It's strong, lightweight and was free because I had all the stuff laying around the house.

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    I just used a piece of climbing rope with a good clip tied to each end. It looks stupid, but it works.
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