I saw a video yesterday from another forum where this guy rack pulled 625, and his current best deadlift is 515. I was amazed that he was able to pull over 100 more lbs. on the rack (at knee height) then from the ground.

I decided I'd give them a shot for the first time ever yesterday. My current best deadlift is 420 lbs. Well, yesterday I decided to go for a heavy single after my normal deadlift workout:

135 x 5
225 x 3
315 x 1
405 x 3 - pretty easy for me.

Then I loaded the bar with 5 plates, which is 495. It wouldn't even budge, and in fact I just didn't feel like I had the mechanical advantage that I do in a regular deadlift due to the lack of leg drive.

So I tried reducing it to 455 lbs....again nothing at all. Now, this wasn't even like I felt as if I gave it my 100% effort to pull from the pins. No, this felt like I probably would struggle with 315 even because I felt much much weaker without my legs being involved.

So this make me wonder, am I doing something wrong? Because I always thought rack pulls were supposed to be somewhat easier then deadlifts. I've attempted deadlifts off the ground before that were too heavy for me to budge, but I felt as if I gave it a much better effort then from the pins at least.

Any suggestions?