1- Is it bad to work up (or cycle up) to a 1RM on deficit pulls?

The new issue of PLUSA had an article that suggested only working up to a 3RM on deficits (due to the extra ROM). Just curious on your thoughts.

2- Is it bad to always do deficit pulls in place of deads off the floor?

I stick with deficits for almost all of my cycles, unless I'm going for a new PR from the floor. I cycle up to a 1RM, and know my max off the floor is 20-30lbs heavier.

Can this lead to overtraining quicker or over-taxing the CNS? I don't want to shoot myself in the foot here. LOL

I only lift raw and pull every week, doing 7 week cycles starting at 70% and adding 5% per week up to a new 1RM.