I want to say thanks to you guys for helping me get back on track with my routine. 2 months ago I had a miss on a 405 attempt and I posted how my routine was going downhill. Several guys gave me good suggestions and I followed. I have only been powerlifting for less than a year in the NASA fed. My first meet was last November 2008 where I hit a 369. In April I hit 385 with a 402 miss on a third attempt. After that meet I changed up my routine a bit and started taking Nitrean and creatine 500. I hadn't been using any supplements prior to this. So I have seen some nice gains since starting the supps. In the vids I weigh 243. I compete in the 242 class, holding a little water weight at the moment. My next meet is in July, followed by a meet in October and one in November. One of the meets is a nationals event.

Anyhow here are the vids, go easy on the new guy

I think I need some tricep work as my bench is lagging on the top. What do you guys think?