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Thread: Box Jumps - what do you do?

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    Yes it does transfer, but it is an exercise in explosion, not strength.

    So it's something to help you utilize your strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleJake View Post
    Is there any carryover to your squat from these?

    I'm thinking about adding 3 sets of weighed jumps seated off a 12" box then onto a 24" box on my DE day as Travis said he had his guys do in his first post..

    I'm looking for another hip/quad/glute/ham exercise without resorting to diagonal leg press. I'm thinking about rotating these between lunges & step ups bi-weekly..
    You may have some carryover to your power clean or power jerks, but not squats.

    As Travis mentioned it is an exercise in explosiveness and technique -even jumping from a seated position would likely not have much, if any impact on your squat.
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    How different is jumping over a stick/rope compared to onto a box for height?

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    ^ Well, you have to be balanced because otherwise you'll fall off the box. Most people will be able to jump over a slightly higher stick or rope than they could jump onto a box.
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    What does jumping OVER the box do then???? Haha, I got bored on my jumps and did those for a day--height+distance instead of one or the other. It was fun.

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