I was having my athletes do a different variation of box jumps and it was totally new to them, which surprised me.

Made me wonder, what do you all do for box jumps? Heights, reps, sets

What I had them do is sit on a 12" box, hold two 25lb DBs and in one motion, jump onto a 14" box

A lot of them can jump on the 38" box for a few reps, but I found this way to really make them explode much more off the box

Had them do it for 5 sets of 12 jumps.

Other times I've had them do it with just bodyweight off a 12" box and jump onto a 18" or 20" for some of the guys who are better jumpers

If we're short on time though, I have them just do repeated jumps while standing, onto normally 24" box, for about 5 sets of 15 jumps

I've also included box jumps into the conditioning work. Something like sprint with the prowler for 40yds, jump on the box for 20 jumps, sprint back, jump on the box again 20 more times. Repeat 4 times.

That was something Lou came up with and it's worked pretty well teaching the kids how to push themselves when they are tired already.

So what do you guys do?