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    APA MO State Meet Write-Up

    Competed yesterday in the MO APA State meet. Had a really fun time. Hit 2 meet PR's and got a State Record in the Squat for the 242 junior class. The night before the meet was an absolute blast. we all got together and hung out and bull****ed with each other and laughed so dam hard my abs hurt. Its always fun to do meets with these guys. Mike Alexander made his triumphant return to the platform after a year and a half hiatus.

    Opened up with 620. Smoked it. Felt good and easy. My second attempt i took 670 for a spin. 3 white lights and beat the old State Junior record by 20lbs. Was happy about how smooth it went and how light it felt. For my third attempt I took 700 for a run. Missed it. Came up out of the hole and fell out of groove a little. Really wanted to hit that, but oh well. Will get it in September in KC that meet Al Caslow is planning to put on. In the Squat thats a 79lb meet PR.

    I took a token bench at 135. I cant bench heavy due to the fact that i have a stress fracture in my left radius(forearm) that starts in the middle of my forearm and runs all the way up to my elbow. Will be back benching 500+ in 8 weeks.

    I opened up with 530. Felt very easy and like it was a speed pull. Took 570 on my second attempt and got the lift. Felt like it dragged a little at the top but no issue with the lock out. For my third and final attempt i took 600 for a spin. Got three white lights for a good lift. 600 felt easy. I left about 15lbs on the platform. i was very happy with that. I had to at least leave the meet with a 600 pull since i missed the 700 squat. I was very happy with that. Thats a 21lb meet PR in the Deadlift.

    I would like to say thanks to Al Caslow, Chris Bangs, and Paul Mies for handling me and the other guys from SOS who competed. Thanks to Mike Alexander, Brad Johnson, and Carter Craig for coming down and competing along side me and cheering me on. All three of these guys had an awesome day and all hit PR's. I couldnt ask for a better crew to train and go to meets with. I have made so much progress since going to SOS. I dont think i would be anywhere near the level i am at now if i were still training by myself. I would also like to say thanks to my very good friend Kara Bohigian for keeping my family and friends updated on how i was doing by posting my results on my facebook page. You are super awesome. I totaled 1405, not my best total, but not bad for not being able to bench heavy. I'm positive i would have totaled 1800+ if i were not injured. Here are the vids of all my squats and deadlifts.

    620 Squat

    670 Squat

    700 Miss

    530 Deadlift

    570 Deadlift

    600 Deadlift
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