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Thread: Could use some advice on how many warm up sets to do

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    Could use some advice on how many warm up sets to do

    Thank you in advance for any help given. I am doing the SS workout and really I am looking for advice on what are the appropriate amount of warm up sets.

    I know this can vary from person to person but I am really not sure on how many warm up sets are needed before lifting heavy. Previously I thought doing a warm up set of 25 reps and then proceeding to a 5 rep set with something heavier was adequate.

    After reading a bunch of posts where guys progress from like squating 100lbs 5 times, then say 140 x 5, then say 180 x 5, and finally going heavy for 200lbs x 5 for that person. You would you then do the 200lbs 5 reps x 3 sets.

    So is there kind of a basic guidline or general rule of thumb of like 3 progressively heavier warm up sets, before going for your heavy 5 rep working set?

    My apologies if this has been posted elsewhere and on the noobtastic questions.



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    Do the least amount of work necessary for you to feel entirely warmed up for your work sets. That is highly dependent on the individual though.
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