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Thread: shoulder soreness

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    shoulder soreness

    lately when im doing my chest routine, i find that i feel it in my left shoulder... i found before out about bringing the bar too far down when benching which can cause problems so i took a light bar to see where it naturally goes and things were good.
    but again, i find that my left shoulder is doing a lot of the work...i used to feel a lot of burn in my pecs... now its more spread out and somewhere near the back part of my shoulder inside (probably my rotator cuff) it sorta hurts.. .. i can only detect the pain or soreness when my arms put in a position where the back of my shoulder is stressed... i have been doing rotator cuff exercises at least once a week... but they don't seem to be doing much in the way of helping it go away..
    another exercise which seems to hurt that part of my shoulder is the cable crossovers.. the first little bit of movement from starting position seems to put a lot of stress on that same part...
    i don't know if maybe i did something wrong without noticing and now the exercises are just aggrivating it further... but i can't get a decent chest workout with this tiring out and feeling like that.
    to me, my chest is noticably lagging behind all the rest of my body..
    any advice would be appreciated..

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    Its your AC joint in your shoulder. What happens is when doing exercises like bench press (this is what it is mainly caused by) 2 bones rub together and cause imflamation. slowly but surely the bone at the end of your collar bone with start to deteriorate. This actually happens to most football players because they try to get so big and strong, but most of them go under the knife and get the tip of the bone cut off. this actually heals the pain and they can go back into the gym fine, but usually they do this because they are getting paid a couple million a year. try a narrower grip in bench press, not so wide. lay off of the cable crossovers and do something like a machine flye, more concentrated on the motion and execution and not the amount of weight. you could always get an x-ray done to make sure that there hasnt been any bone depletion already. you could always take an ibuprofen to aid in temproary relief from the imflamation. hope this helps and good luck!!
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    that seems to make sense...
    but are u talking about the front part of your shoulder or the back??
    because what you're talking about seems to sound like what i heard another guy complaining about.. pain where the shoulder connects to the chest around the colar bone..
    just incase, i'll try to describe my situation better..
    i feel it in the back of my shoulder on the inside...
    ok.. put your arm straight by your side then raise your forearm to a 90 degree angle with your bicep.. then rotate your forearm only, to the left.. it probably can't go far.. but take your free arm and feel your shoulder around the back as it rotates when you do the motion... if you push it far enough.. u might be able to feel the slight strain and see what im talking about... well anyways, thats where it sorta hurts and starts burning and hurting faster than the other muscles in my chest routine. i guess i've sort of answered my own question.. it has to have been caused by some hyperextention or bad form or something..
    the first time i noticed this, it hurt for a few days and went away before the next week when i was going to do chest again.. and now the second time, i felt the same kind of discomfort when doing the bp.. but not much... then i continued to incline db p and i didn't want to continue because i felt it just doing something to that part of my shoulder and not to my pecs.. i had already taken off a few weeks for some other unrelated minor injury and its going to really suck if i have to do it again for this...


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