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Thread: Oly Shoes fit?

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    Oly Shoes fit?

    Finally I can post again forgot my old username and email lol. Anyways having never trained in oly shoes I am looking for advise on proper fit.

    What do I look for? What makes a good shoe? What makes a lemon?

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    Get the same size oly shoe as you do for a dress shoe.

    Here's a decent article on lifting shoes...

    I couldn't really recommend what to start with, as I've only had one pair of lifting shoes. is where I got mine.

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    If you search around on here there should be a few threads on OLY shoes. Generally they fit the same as dress shoes do. Adidas are narrow and do-win are fairly wide.

    Here is a breakdown of the different options:

    VS Athletics - These are kind of like "generic" OLY shoes. They have a relatively large heel and are economical. You can find them for between $45-60/pair if you search around and wait for a deal.

    DO-Win - These are the new version of the VS shoes, and are a middle of the road shoe. Good solid construction and they look pretty cool. Will run you about $85 from

    DO-Win Rogue - This is the top of the line do-win and is more comperable to the Adidas shoe in terms of heel size. They have a suede construction as opposed to leather. I own a pair of these and have been very pleased with them. These are $109.

    Adidas - These are the top of the line OLY shoes but are also the most expensive, ranging from $100-150+.

    There are a few other brands out there but these are the most popular.
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    I have the addidas adi-stars....sweet shoes, but damn expensive.

    The fit was the same as what i normally wore.
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