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    Small guy's online lifting journal

    Started the "Starting Strength" lifting program today. Not much previous lifting experience, and only started hitting the gym in the last week in the last 5 years.

    Starting out weighing around 165-168 lbs depending on the day. Height is 5`10, age 29.

    Warm up - Around 7 minutes on an excersize bike

    2 x 5 35 lbs
    1 x 5 85 lbs
    2 x 5 115 lbs

    Working set
    3 x 5 125 lbs

    1 x 5 45 lbs
    1 x 5 55 lbs
    1 x 5 75 lbs
    1 x 5 95 lbs

    Working set
    1 x 5 115 lbs (to heavy and effecting my form, so took off 10 lbs)
    2 x 5 105 lbs

    Dead Lift
    My first time doing this excersize so I had a good bit of warm up sets, as I progressed pretty slowly upwards with the weight. I have never really worked my back so I took it kind of slow and felt out the lift.

    1 x 5 x 45 lbs
    1 x 5 x 55 lbs
    1 x 5 x 95 lbs
    1 x 5 x 135 lbs
    1 x 5 x 185 lbs

    Working set
    1 x 4 x 205 lbs (this looked to be to heavy as I could not complete 5 reps and I know my form was suffering. I'm still unsure of my form and getting a feel for how this lift is properly performed. I feel very uncomfortable lowering the bar back to the ground after it is lifted to the resting position. Will research the proper technique and form.)

    I think my biggest concern right now is making sure I am getting the adequate amout of calories in the day to promote size and growth.

    Currently at 2055 hours I have only ate around 2172 calories / 52 g of fat / and 81 grams of protein. This is partly because this is the first workout day of the week for me. I'll look to have another protein shake before bed.

    My goals are to be able to squat 200 lbs, Bench 185, and Dead Lift 250 lbs by 2010 (6 months from now). I am reserving the right to change my goals after I am into my workout a month or so.
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