Just curious how many of you here use them? I have just started using them about a month ago and I love them. There are a ton of exercises you can do with them and they are perfect for assistance work at the end of a routine. I really like them for fat man pullups and push ups. They are great for dynamic warmup.

Three guys from our crew have them, but I only train with them on Friday's. I figured I could use a set at home. I also realized I have hooks in my basement ceiling for bands and I have handles so I really only needed adjustable straps. I bought a pair of adjustable cargo straps from Lowe's for $15 and was good to go.

I have a huge problem with my biceps. Tore one and the other is on its way out so biccep work sucks for me. I had my greatest bicep workout ever yesterday using the straps. They allow me to add or decrease the tension on my biceps based on how much lean I used while performing the exercise. I have tried every variation of weights, bands, and chains to do this without success. My biceps are actually sore today, but not injured.

For those of you who don't use or know about the straps, I'm just throwing this out there as another trick to have in your bag.