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Thread: Hardgainer questions

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    Hardgainer questions

    I have a question that some of you may be able to answer. I have always wanted to know if in fact I am considered a hardgainer. I have always believed that I was and I guess I would like to know what are the traits of a hardgainer.

    I started working out again about 2 1/2 months ago after a 2 year absence. I am of Asian decent, stand 5' 7". When I first started I weighed only 115lbs. I lift heavy with low reps and train about 4 times a week. I have seen results to my liking but would definitely like more. I now weigh about 131lbs. I eat about 5 times a day (those include protein shakes) and am currently on creatine and glutamine for supplements. I have gained more than I imagined, but I would like to train maybe 5 times a week, that way there will be one bodypart that I will be able to train twice a week. Is this a bad thing being that I believe I am a hardgainer.

    The reason why I am puzzled is because there is a trainer in my gym that does not believe that I am a hardgainer, because I have been able to put on the weight that I have in such a short time. What do you guys think. The weight I have put on seems to be muscle mass, because I basically have the same bodyfat pct. (about 5%). Am I a hardgainer? I look forward to hearing from you people and I greatly appreciate your time.

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    0 such thing as a hardgainer, you are obviously an ectomrph and probably have a fast metabolism, so you will find it a little harder to put weight on than the average stocky guy..but with the right training, diet and rest etc. etc. you can pack a hella lot of mass on. Eat, eat ,eat..hehe...did i mention eat?
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    Personly, i understand your predicament. I'm of asian decent too(filipino) when i first started lifting seriously I was about 115 - 120lbs. I've been lifting on and off for the past five years now. Seriously and consistently for the past two. I'm 5'7 and weight 160 pounds now, pretty lean 10% ( could be better). But anyway, I would say just eat alot and train heavy. Ummm... if you want to train 5 days a week i don't see why not, but it might lead to over training. What's your routine like now? maybe i could help you out.
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