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Thread: Whole Foods

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    Whole Foods

    Do you guys ever go to Whole Foods and eat their pre-made meals? Some of it is pretty delish. I had some turkey, quinoa and roasted potatoes today. (So much for cutting today with all those carbs) The Indian food they have there is pretty awesome too.

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    Yes, some of that stuff is pretty damn good.

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    That being said, there is no gospel that says you can't cut while intaking your fair share of carbs, it just tends to be easier while limiting them since they tend to be the least needed.
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    Whole Food's food is awesome. But kinda pricey. I been going there more often. They also make burgers and other stuff, which are very tastey.

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    Definitely pricey. Have you seen the marinated meat section? Holy God. I get a boner just thinking about it.

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