I have never been one to break it down to the last cal/protein/fat. I am 6'2 176 pounds. I have never been huge. I have an athletic build. I have muscle and my abs do show. I usually cut this time of year to give myself the summer for the abs to show and then I eat like a beast in the winter. I never grew though. I have decided to screw the abs and go on a bulk until March. I will be starting this in July or August. I ordered Starting Strength and I am going to follow that. I'll probably keep a journal on here when I start.

Anyway to my question-

Since I have never done this before I was a little uncertain on how to calculate. I saw something like a 40/40/20. I followed that guideline and this is what I came up with.

- To gain I would need to up my cals to 3,000 a day.
- 1,200 from protein & carbs. 600 from fat.

That would break down to:

-750g of protein and carbs
-67g of fat.

750g seems to be A LOT. Did I F' up somewhere? That has to be too much, right?

Have you guys done the 40/40/20? Is there another method I should do?