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    Cap-and-Trade - Say Hello to Higher Energy Bills

    IF MJ hadn't died this would probably be all over the news. I'm guessing most Americans don't even know what cap-and-trade even is.

    What really pisses me off is this:
    The CBO analysis estimated that the bill would cost an average household $175 a year; the EPA put it at between $80 and $110 a year.
    Republicans questioned the validity of the CBO study and noted that even that analysis showed actual energy production costs increasing $770 per household. Industry groups have cited other studies showing much higher cost to the economy and to individuals.
    AND even more so:

    But Democrats argued that much of the impact on taxpayers would be offset by other provisions in the bill. Low-income consumers would qualify for credits and rebates to cushion the impact on their energy bills.
    Yes, I want to pay for someone else's even higher energy bills.

    They talk about all the jobs that this will "create", but what about all the jobs this will eliminate?

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