Well I have been training for close to 10 years now, off and on. I just turned 24 and decided its time to get serious, before I get fat. My current stats are 5'11, 180lbs. Not sure what my bf% is, It cant be too high ive always been pretty lean. My diet is not great but getting better, my workouts are a little weak but will get stronger with persistence.

Weds June 17

Bench Press- Bar x 12, 135x10, 185x8x3

EZ Bar Curl- 60x10x3

Dips- BWx15x3

Seated DB Shoulder Press- 45s x8x3

Push ups- BWx15x3

50 non weighted crunches, then 25lbs x 25 x 2

Lower back extensions- 25lbs x 25 x 3