Made you look, didn't I?

Weeeelll, 6 months later and it looks like my wrists have finally made a full recovery. So what better way to say hello again then with some lifts.

Remember, these are my first snatches and cleans over 100lbs in about 6 months.

And yes, I look corpulent. I look fat, feel wonderful, am stronger than ever and life is good.

220 snatch

264 cj, easy clean, jerks felt weird, but expected since the layoff.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddd just when you thought my training frequency couldn't get any more bad ass... bring on 3 sessions a day!

10x20kg, 2x10/5/2.5.. 562lbs when it's all on the bar. Need to get some racks soon and we are off!