Well, I competed at the APF Chicago Summer Bash this weekend. I had akind of tough meet, but made it through without bombing and got a decent total.

Squats went pretty well, I ended with a PR. I opened at 705 and got it, then went to 744 and got called on depth, since I lifted it easily I figured I go up despite the miss and try a PR and I got the 766. They were being pretty strict with depth, so I was happy that I got that last one in.

By the time bench rolled around it was pretty hot in the building and I think I was sweating so much that my shirt didn't have the pop it usually does. I opened at 573 and got called for lifting my butt, my back cramped up trying to keep it down and I relaxed it too much and popped up. I repeated 573 for my 2nd and got it easily. I had planned to go after a PR following this, but I felt like that might not be the smartest idea at this point, so I went for 595. After touching I didn't come back enough and grooved too low basically handcuffing myself and I ended up stuck 1/2 way up.

I ended up going 1 for 3 deadlifting too. I opened at 534.5 and pulled it easily. Then jumped to 562 and lost my grip 1/2 way up. I tried it again on my 3rd and held on, but got stuck at the knees, I was pretty much just gassed at this point.

So I went 4/9 and ended withan 850kg total (1873.9) and ended up taking best lifter (lightweight). Not a great day, but not too bad either. After bombing at my last meet, I'll definitely take this!