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Thread: Crossfit and 5/3/1?

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    Crossfit and 5/3/1?

    G'day Guys and Gals,

    Currently looking to up my strength a bit whilst doing Crossfit and had 5/3/1 recommended to me as it's fairly low volume / simple. I'll be doing it 3 days a week with Squat / DL / Press (not much of a bencher...).

    I'll be doing the program after my normal WOD though I may change it up and do it before hand sometimes (especially if it won't effect my WOD time much). I'll try to stick to a set program (e.g. Monday -Sq, Wed - Press, Sat - DL) but may change the days around a bit depending on what's been worked in the WOD.

    My question specifically is about whether or not you think I should do any assistance work? I'd like to do Bent Rows probably as I have trouble maintaining a solid back for my heavier DL's but aside from that I'm not too sure. Rows would probably be put on after Press.

    Hmm also reading WSFSB, DeFranco states that it's a program for Athletes as well...
    Any opinions on perhaps which one would be more suitable? WSFSB does seem to have a larger volume in comparison to 5/3/1 but I'm 20, I eat a fair bit and I sleep 8 hours a night so I think my recovery is currently as good as it will ever be (bar pharmacological assistance).
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