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    5/3/1 and Complexes

    Got a quick question for all of you:

    I love the 5/3/1 workout. I'm getting stronger (even while on a cut [although now I'm more at maintenence than anything]). But it's getting stale. I have a really bad habit of sticking with a workout for 8 weeks only to get bored with it and move on to the next one.

    I should also note that I absolutely hate doing cardio as far as steady state. I can stand to do sprints a little bit and stadium stairs and tire flips and tire tosses and those kinds of things, but really, those aren't much fun either.

    A week ago, I did the 300 workout just for the hell of it, and I loved it. I felt great after I did it. Which led me to do some research on complexes.

    Is there any good way to keep the 5/3/1 program with maybe one assistance exercise (heavy weight, anyways) and add in barbell complexes? Obviously I'd remain light, but this would be something that would challenge me and really make me value the conditioning aspect of a workout...

    Something about doing a complex makes me actually feel like I'm getting stronger (even if I'm not by much) rather than wasting away doing cardio. Has anyone toyed with this kind of training before?

    I'm sure I'd be completely gassed after each workout and I'd probably want to raise my cals a bit...

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time!

    EDIT: I wasn't sure where to put this. This forum seemed to make the most sense because it involved complexes and weight training, but it could have went into GPP and Sport Specific as well. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place.
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