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Thread: Question about different routines

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    Question about different routines

    I was wondering what the difference is in working out one body part a day (5 days a week), and working out 2 body parts a day (3 days a week). For example

    Monday - Chest
    Tuesday - Back
    Wednesday - Legs
    Thursday - Shoulders
    Friday - Biceps/Triceps


    Monday - Chest/Back
    Wednesday - Shoulders/Legs
    Friday - Biceps/Triceps

    Are they the same or do you get different results by doing one or the other?
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    Myself, I like to have one day of rest between lifting. I feel more recovered and motivated to lift. Also using full body workouts seem to work much better for me and a lot of people actually. If you wanted to split it up I would go with 4 days, not 5.

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    You should combine chest with back, remove your arms day, and condense your regimen to 3-4 days a week.

    What is your routine? How's your diet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Desire View Post

    Are they the same or do you get different results by doing one or the other?
    All bodypart split routines suck... Atleast in a strength training perspective.
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