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Thread: Finally Ordered my 1st PL Belt.

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    Finally Ordered my 1st PL Belt.

    So tonight I finally ordered a real PL belt. I've been using a Harbinger 5" Firmfit Belt ( but since I have a meet in the fall I finally ordered an APT Weight Lifting Powerlifting 4" wide 11mm ( tonight so I have time to get use to it. I was wondering if anyone had this belt or could tell me how much of a difference there will be in using this one over my old belt? I wasnt to sure if I would need a single or double prong so I ended up going double prong will this make any difference at all? I can't wait to train with it. Thanks to any input you guys may have for me.
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    I love my APT belt (I have a 12mm). And it makes a huge difference from box store belts--not sure about the harbinger one though. One of friends has a 10mm APT and he loves it too. We both have the double prongs--just a bit more annoying to fit when really belting it down tight but it will last longer.

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