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Thread: Problems with full body routine

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    I was thinking of doing this every 2-3 days:
    Bench press 12, 6
    Incline 8, 5
    squat 1x20
    SLDL 2x12
    Chins 2x 6-8
    T-bar Row 1x10
    Tricep pushdown 1x10
    Bicep curl 1x8
    Calf raise 1x15

    No military press because of minor rotator cuff injury for last 2-3months.

    My problem is: Although chest/legs/arms/shoulders recover in 2days, lower back and traps recover in 5days! If I replace SLDL with BLDL, it takes full week for the lower back and traps to recover.

    What should I do? Can I add another workout day only for chest, shoulder and arms? On that day I cannot do squat or leg-press because lower back would hurt. Shall I do leg extensions and hamstring curls instead? Please give me your suggestion.

    By the way, if I do 3 sets of flyes and 3 sets of medium rep squats, it would take 4-5days for chest and legs to recover as well.

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    How do you know that your chest/legs/arms/shoulders recover in 2 days ??? Because there not sore ??? Thats no indication and they need more rest.

    Remeber this "You grow outside the gym, not in it".

    I would consider a push/pull routine. Ask Hulk and I'm sure he'll post his for you to look at.
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    That has always been my problem with a full body routine, some boyparts recover quicker than others. I would suggest that you just tweak the program a little and only train the slower recovering bodyparts every other workout (for example).

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    i am currently doing a similar program, but i force myself to rest at least 3 days in between workouts to avoid overtraining. What has helped me is that I alternate between squat and deadlift each workout so it seems my lower back doesn't take such a beating.
    That said, look at Chase. He is bigger than Arnold was at the same age. Now, he doesn't quite have the Arnold shape, but for pure muscle mass he has more.
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