I was thinking of doing this every 2-3 days:
Bench press 12, 6
Incline 8, 5
squat 1x20
SLDL 2x12
Chins 2x 6-8
T-bar Row 1x10
Tricep pushdown 1x10
Bicep curl 1x8
Calf raise 1x15

No military press because of minor rotator cuff injury for last 2-3months.

My problem is: Although chest/legs/arms/shoulders recover in 2days, lower back and traps recover in 5days! If I replace SLDL with BLDL, it takes full week for the lower back and traps to recover.

What should I do? Can I add another workout day only for chest, shoulder and arms? On that day I cannot do squat or leg-press because lower back would hurt. Shall I do leg extensions and hamstring curls instead? Please give me your suggestion.

By the way, if I do 3 sets of flyes and 3 sets of medium rep squats, it would take 4-5days for chest and legs to recover as well.