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    As I entered the end of my second wave of 5/3/1 I was noticing a lot of development in my traps, shoulders and chest but my neck was awkwardly thin so I started working it out a few times a week and noticed it was pretty weak. I was wondering what benefits are there from having a strong neck besides being well proportionate? I just thought of something else to ask. My chest and shoulders and getting bigger but my upper chest is still kinda flat. I do bench, incline db press, and db rows on my bench day is there something I can add that will really hit this area and help bring some size to it?
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    If someone hits you in the head it won't hurt as bad
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    Quote Originally Posted by lonesXedge View Post
    If someone hits you in the head it won't hurt as bad

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    really light cable flys, try to really concentrate on the squeeze and contraction of your chest, 3 sets of 100.

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    like a horse your body will follow your head........ your neck is what you want to be driving back in to the bar ( squat) or pulling back with ( deadlift)

    ... try looking down while squatting and you'll understand what I mean
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