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Thread: Deadlift routine for intermediate lifter?

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    Deadlift routine for intermediate lifter?

    I can do relatively heavy weight for my size...I believe I am at intermediate. My max DL is 405 and I just did 365 x 3 today with no problem at all. However, I am recovering from/still have a herniated disc. My back gets tired very easily on DL's and this combined with squatting 3 times a week makes me a bit nervous about reinjuring my back. Most programs have you deadlifting heavy every week...I do not think I can do this. My magic range is 3 reps due to my back problems. If I do heavy for 5-6 reps I get tired and lose back tension thus resulting in back pain.

    I was thinking of pulling conventional for my heavy week and pulling sumo on the alternate weeks at medium-heavy weight. So something like 370x3 for conventional then the next week something like 315x3 for sumo. This is idea one...

    Idea two is to deadlift conventional heavy every week and alternate my heavy squat weeks...however I dont think id like to do this because I have been making great gains on my squats going heavy every week. But its still an option. I care more about my squat weight than my DL weight but I noticed that since taking a 2 month off of DL's that my back has shrunk. I can still pull the same weight but my back used to be my best my best part is my legs.
    Any ideas?

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    The coan-phillipi routine seems to work well for a lot of people. Keep in mind that this is a deadlift specific program though and you will have to back off on all of your other lifts if you want to be successful with it.

    Here is a link with a calculator that will give you the exact numbers for every workout:

    **For the first time running through the program I would go with 25-35 lbs increase for a natural, intermediate lifter.
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