Here is another one that I dug up from another board. I did not write this but thought I would share it with you guys.

I wanted to post a thread about how muscle develops on a cellular level because many trainers don't see the whole picture and without seeing how this works its really easy to get side tracked.

I asked Mondugal to dig this up for me in the archives, so a big thanks goes out to the big man for taking the time to find this for me so I didn't have to re-write this whole thing. I had this posted elsewhere but I think this is useful info so I wanted to bring it to the board where it belongs. This is important because many trainers out there are very confused on the process of muscle development and end up making little progress because of it.

Many trainers jump from one routine to the next never experiencing any real progress because they dont see immediate results. Remember, bodybuilding at its very best is a very slow endevor. People are not patient enough to stick with the basic principles of building
resistance with compound movements. This is very simple yet so many people fail.

Most of you know that getting your diet and training dialed in is key. You can go to any gym in the world and the people training there would agree with that but still 95%+ of trainers dont even look like they lift weights,
nevermind the one in a thousand gym rats that are a real monster. Maybe if they understood how muscle grows things would be different.

You have probably heard me talk about ''the staircase'' before. If you designed a graph on strength and size it would look a lot like a staircase. This is how building muscle works...........everytime. You get stronger, stronger, stronger, stronger then all of a sudden..... BOOM!! You get bigger! At a glance you might think this is impossible because how can you keep getting stronger without more cant, you just cant see
the new muscle yet, heres how it works.

Your muscles are actually built like a big spounge. Although they are somewhat dense they have millions of little pockets and caverns that run throughout the entire muscle. As you lift progressively heavier weight you break the muscle down so it can re-grow and build itself up just a little bigger than before in attempts to handle the previous load. This is called supercompensation. This is your muscles way of saying ''Your not going to hurt me again with that 315 pound squat!!'' Its a defense mechanism. So next time you squat you use 325 for the same amount of reps and the muscle repeats the process, thereby getting bigger.

Heres where most people fail. They stop just before they were about to reap the benifits of progressive resistance. They go to the next great thing and toil away on that for 4 to 6 weeks and get no immediate results so its on to the next. Rinse and repeat. If they only knew they were actually growing, they just could not see it yet. When they try the next routine or high volume, progressing at a snails crawl program, their new muscle cells are not being taxed in a duplicating manner as they were before so they return to their previous size, as your body has no real need for muscle. So their muscles are never truly being forced to develop.

After every workout your muscles are growing, the newly formed cells are building up inside these pockets and caverns. It dosent happen overnight. It takes weeks and sometimes months before you see a visable change in size,
but all along these new cells are building up. These cells continue to build INSIDE the muscle and eventually when there is so much growth and no more room in the cavity..........the entire muscle expands to accomodate
itself for more growth. This is when we see a visable change.

Building muscle is simple. Obviously there are various routines out there that produce different results {mines the best though } but as long as you keep hammering away with the most effecient movements there are............progress in weight everytime you train..........your going to get bigger..........just give it time. If your bench pressing 225 for 10 reps today and you continue to bust your balls every single workout
{eating like a beast to feed this new tissue building up} and 8 months to a year later your benching 315 for much more muscle do you think you will have built up in the process as opposed to constantly
''switching things up'' to ''confuse'' the muscle??? You think after a handful of times you have forced your muscles to expand to accomodate even more growth from new muscle cells by getting stronger every single week on that bench press that your chest wont be A LOT bigger?? I gaurentee it will be.