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Thread: Conflicting Training?

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    Conflicting Training?

    Hello! This is my very first post and I'm sure my question is kinda common:

    Before the question, here are some facts:

    I am a 155lb 13% body fat 5'8" Male
    I have been weight lifting for 2 or 3 years
    I currently intake about 160 g or protein a day

    Here is my dilema:

    By plain numbers, you can probably tell I'm kinda skinny but not too bad; I do have a very tiny gut and small love handles but pretty much skinny everywhere else.

    I'd like to get bigger but not fatter (universal question im sure!) but here is the catch:

    Because I'm in the military, I have to attend physical training 3 times a week (not weight lifting). The physical training with the military consists of mostly calisthenics (push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, etc..) and running.

    During my spare time, I lift around 3 times a week including: chest/tris, back/bis and legs/shoulders, throwing in abs every 2 or 3 days.

    Does the military training conflict with my weight gaining goals? If so, what can I do to minimize conflicts?

    Finally, what is the best way to put on muscle and drop down to 7-8% body fat?

    Thanks for all your help in advance!!!

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    Your body is only going to want to recover from so much exercise,and everybody is different. You'll have to find out how much you can handle for yourself. But my guess is, if your like the average person, you aren't going to see great/fast gains with all that extra work on top of your weight lifting. Something you might want to try is an abreviated routine. Just focus on the bare minimum. Something like this might be just what you need:

    Squats 3x6
    Bench 3x6
    Rows 3x6

    Deadlift 2x6
    Press 3x6
    Curls 3x6
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    Sounds like the Marine Corps? Anyways you can grow even with PT 3 days a week. The Calories must increase by alot and it's best to lift on the same days you PT. This way you have full recovery days of no training whatsoever. Also make sure the weekend is totally free of PT and Lifting. Recovery and Calories will be your friend. If you PT in the morning lift after work and vice versa. It works trust me.
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