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Thread: squat - back rounding and good mornings

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    squat - back rounding and good mornings

    Hi all,
    I'd been having an issue with my back rounding at the bottom of the squat (when I get at and below parallel) and doing a bit of a goodmorning when I come out. I've been working on flexiblity and form and things are much improved, but I have a few questions.

    1) Thanks to the SquatRX vids, and the stretching my back stays arched through most sets but seems to round on the last few reps of the last work set. I'm assuming that this isn't a flexiblity problem, what can I do to compensate, I'm thinking adding a set of goodmornings once a week. Any thoughts?

    2) In order not to round my back or goodmorning I'm fighting to keep my back straight and chest up, is this "fighting" feeling normal or a sign that my form is out of whack somewhere? I just don't feel like my back position is flowing naturally.


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    The squat is more technical than most, though not on this board, give it credit for.

    I'd say most of us have to fight to hold the arch on heavy reps. I know I do. Where in your back are you losing arch, upper or lower?

    Upper: Keep your shoulder blades pinched as tight as possible. This will force you to hold your arch.
    Lower: Either hip flexibility or just a strenght issue. Deadlifts will help with low back strength.

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    I know everybody says this, but it'd be nice to see some video of your squats. Could be a groove issue, could be a flexibility issue, could be bar placement issue - tough to know what's causing a given symptom without seeing you train.
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    Thanks for the help guys. Sensei, I'm working on borrowing a camera and getting some shots up. I dialed the weights back a bit and slowly worked up to where I was and the rounding is much improved, not perfect but getting there.

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    im on the same page with sensei without a video we cant really tell, but ur normal problesm come from one of two things, weak mid back and abs and not knowing how to pul yourself into the hole with ur hip flexors, this helps keep the hips out at the bottom and back flat...

    sooo without a vid there really is no way of knowing
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