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Thread: Please critique my squat form?

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    Please critique my squat form?

    Hey all! So this is my first post, so please take it easy Anyways, I am a 17 year old girl, and have been training seriously for about 7 months. The gym I go to unfortunately does not have a squat rack, so I found myself squatting in the smith machine for basically the past half year... which led to okay gains... but definitely not as good as a barbell's. Yesterday, I stepped it up and said to screw the smith machine. I racked a barbell off the bench press (Ghetto, I know lol), stepped out with it, and just squatted using benches as "safety racks." However, while I am squatting only my bodyweight here, I am afraid my squat has been turned into a "good morning" exercise. My hips drive up first, and I excessively lean on the ascent. One thing might be I'm not breathing properly. Another might be that I'm not driving my elbows down, nor pushing back into the bar when I ascend. Based on this video, what else do you all think I could possibly fix for this problem? Thank you so much!

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    To me it looks like your bending to much at the hips and using your upper back to move the weight.
    Practice your form with just the bar. See if you can keep straighter.
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