Ok, my progress in 5 weeks is:

Deads - from 90 to 110kg for 5x5
BB Rows - from 60 to 82,5kg for 5x5
Squats - from 72,5 to 80kg for 5x5
Pull ups - from failing to do 5x5 to doing 4x5 and 1x6
Lunges - from 40 with DB to 45kg with BB (could do 50kg though)
Bench Press - from 55kg to 60kg
OVP - from 37,5 to 42,5kg

Deads and BB Rows look the best. Pretty good result with squats but slow progress with BP and OVP.

I'm doing 3 day full body routine. I love it personally but wonder if it is good progress compared to others. Note that I am not newbie at this and I've been training for more than a year..