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    Last week i started german volume training and tonight will be my 5th workout. I build pools for a living and the last few days have been rough, physicaly. On top of that my 16 month old daughter has been sick and i have been staying up almost all night with her, getting about 3 hours of sleep a night. So my question is should i just grit and bear it though the workout tonight or should i rest tonight and hit it tomorrow with more energy?

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    Only you know if you feel up to it. Missing one day isn't going to matter in the long run.

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    personally, i wouldn't break my schedule unless it was physically impossible to go or i had something very important to do during that time

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    Considering the demanding (physically) job you have, I wouldn't go to the gym and just rest. It's horrible when you haven't slept and you work out hard and the next day it feels as if you can't even pick up yourself from bed.

    Personally, I would just rest and hit it the next morning. I know It ruins your routine if you have a very strict one, but who cares, your body and rest are more importante. GO TO SLEEP MAN!!!!!!!!

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    I hate missing a workout, as well, but there are times when you just need rest, sleep and to miss a workout.
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    I'm with Rbtrout, I try not to miss a workout. That being said though, if you really are too tired and you think an extra day of rest would help then take it. It sounds like your hands are full, take a break if you need one. It's a marathon not a sprint.
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    GVT is an intense program, it may just be too much with the physically demanding nature of your job.

    Bottom line, listen to what your body is telling you. If you just feel a bit tired or have a light sniffle/cold but feel like getting in, it's fine. If you feel absolutely shattered or are coming down with something, I think it's always best to get your head down and relax and get back in the gym when you are feeling fresh. Overall it will be better for your progress.

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    yeah listen to your body, i personally HATE breaking routine so i would only if i absolutely had to. But as far as your taxing job, i wouldnt factor that in just the missing sleep and if youre too tired to go. If youre too tired dont go but if you think you can then give it a shot and just tell yourself its an easy workout day. Another few factors for me would be 1; can you get a good amount of rest that night and the following day or can you do the workout the next day without breaking the routine?

    I find a nice hard work day actually helps my recovery, the moving around and lifting heavy things seemed to help my gains when i was a warehouse stocker.
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