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Shirts always break in. Just the way it is.

The majority of people who wear single ply gear wear it much much tighter than double ply shirts. They need to be that tight to get much out of them.

I'll say this one more time - the shirt is NOT bad

The pop was lost because the chest plate broke in. Next time get a size smaller chest plate and possibly the same size arms as you already have

I don't care if your form is consistent. That's pretty bold to say you're sure it's not your form, but just because you are consistent doesnt mean it's good. Many people are consistently poor in their technique.
haha, im just a bold guy. JK, but really it shouldnt be my form. I do the same thing EVERY time I bench. I went to nationals in Denver last month and everyone said I had really good form and a great arch. (not saying im the best, but just saying my form isnt bad) Im sure I could use some pointers, but with what I got/know i feel im benching to the best of my ability.

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have the chest taken in now and see what happens.
Would that be legal to take to a comp?