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Thread: Starting out - skinny upper body, huge lower body

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    Starting out - skinny upper body, huge lower body

    After putzing around with weights for a few months I want to get serious. I'm interested in size more than strength, and I am interested in total body proportion.

    My problem is that my upper body, everything above the waist, is skinny and atrophic, whereas below my waist are very wide & chunky hips, thighs, and legs. I'm like an ectomorph/endomorph centaur. Even when I lose serious weight, my lower body stays big.

    My plan is to bulk up my upper body as best I can, but stay away from gaining mass in the lower body.

    My question is, should I avoid weight training of the lower body altogether? Or do high volume leg work? Or just a lot of aerobic - running/cycling?

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    post some pics, or I don't believe your legs are as big as they should be.

    train your body equally, all the weak parts will catch up. uneven training can lead to injuries and a HUGE upperbody with skinny legs this time.
    your legs are half your body, which contain half your body's growth hormones. training legs help increase the size of your whole body.

    pick one of the routines posted on this site, which are mostly bodybuilding routines, and go for it! don't forget to eat big to get big!
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    I just give the worked on muscle group tough riddles before my workouts... or sometimes I'll tell them we're going to the park and then go to the gym, or visa versa. They start to catch on so you have to tell the truth every so often.
    *While on the topic of muscle confusion, and how often a routine needs to be changed.*

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