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Thread: Bicep compound exercises and Triceps

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCorey75 View Post
    dude, double the amount of pullups and dips you can do in a single setting and your arms will grow, also throw in a good side of deadlifting
    I will vote for this answer. As far as feeling it more in the chest - If you lean forward dips become more of a chest exercise, when you lean back more the load transfers to the triceps. I would also use chin-ups to put more load on the biceps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PWR View Post
    Its only been one month and your biceps have grown significantly and your doing 8 pullups were you couldnt do one

    Maybe a little exagerated on my part, but my biceps have grown a little bit, which is significant for me because I couldn't get them to grow last year when I worked out for a whole year, although I got them stronger. I have surpassed my gains from last year now that I have more of a "Solid" program, including my awesome squats exercises which I believe have contributed strength to all my exercises.

    I could do 8 pull ups, not consecutively. I did 5 consecutively and then got up there again and did 3 more.

    Many things that have contributed to my bench pressing and helped in exercises like pulls was resting enough, sleeping well, and definitely healing my shoulders and shoulder joints Shoulders ALWAYS hurt when I tried to do pull ups, now they don't because I have learned to take care of them. Seriously, shoulder joints are just involved in most good lifts and exercises that if you are not recovered, you can't do crap :S I was one of those that could take off the shirt because of shoulder pain. I have learned a lot from this site and other. Great, great, great information and useful one

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