Hello all,

So, I missed my workout last night due to some very extenuating circumstances at work. I have been following my nine week program very closely, with the goal of finishing it up two days before a one week business trip.

This was a goal that I set for myself, and has really kept me on an honest course to achieve it. I might even recommend to someone starting out that they do the same. I’ve never really had a set program before (a routine, yes, but not a “schedule”), and I find that it really helps to “see” where you will be in a month’s time.

My question is, if I do my missed workout tonight (Squats, OHP’s, & Bent Rows), will tomorrow’s workout (Squats, Bench Press, Dead Lift) need to be altered? Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe move tomorrow’s workout to Saturday in an effort to provide at least one day of rest between training sessions?

Any and all thoughts, comments, and suggestions are, as always, most greatly appreciated.