Today we added two new products into our Books and DVDs section – The Men’s Health TNT Diet Book and the Magnificent Mobility DVD.

We strive to only offer and associate with the best and both of these products are outstanding and have been personally reviewed by us. Below is some brief information on each one and links where you can get more information and of course buy them!

Magnificent Mobility DVD - $49.95

Magnificent Mobility marks a revolution in the way athletes prepare for competition, training and rehabilitation. The Magnificent Mobility DVD is a collection of drills designed to increase your mobility, correct muscle imbalances, improve joint mobility and prevent injuries.

Men's Health TNT Diet Book - $15.95

The TNT Diet Book covers ALL bases (how and what to eat and when to eat it, and how to train) for bodily re composition and optimum health. It DESTROYS many of the health and fitness myths and the science is explained in a manner anyone can understand. This book will be a huge step towards helping you to realize your physical potential and goals.