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Thread: Tabata or other HIIT

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    Tabata or other HIIT

    I have searched on this, and I just read some stuff here:

    Before I get to that, however, here's the issue:

    I usually do 2-3 45 minute jogs over a nice hilly course. However, I'd like to trim this down to once a week and shake up my cardio routine.

    So, as a result, I'm looking atgoing towards HIIT/Tabata. I was actually thinking of taking some rounds of tabata burpees on two days and doing a few sets of that rotation, then running the 4 mile course once a week.

    Is this a decent cardio plan (on top of a SS weight workout)?

    Even apart from that, does anyone have any advice or care to share their own cardio? I'm trying to refine my plan more, and the 4 mile run is a little bit long (roughly 37 minutes plus 10 min of warmup/cooldown and probably 5 min of stretching). I'm thinking of trying to pack cardio down in terms of time, which I assume means upping intensity.

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    I think you need to re-read that Lyle McDonald post/article. He's more or less saying that HIIT is NOT necessarily the best route to fat loss - that some slower paced work is a good idea.

    The trend is, right now, lots and lots of HIIT, but older-school BBers understood the place of low intensity work (like walking) in muscle-sparing fat loss.

    It depends on your goals more than anything Zen.
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    Cool thank you... yes that article prompted this post because I was thinking about doing the tabata until I read that article.

    More or less I just want a decent cardio program to build endurance and have some fat loss

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    HIIT is often done the wrong way and way too often, first off it can be used in many different ways

    u can have circuits complexes, hybrids, ascending, kettlebells, sandbags, tires, just to name a few

    people overload their routines with too much and turn it into failure training instead of conditioning work like it is designed to be, the key is to limit it so as not to over train and as sensei said also get some slower rate stuf as well

    Also, ive done Tabata before with dumbell front squat, you better bring your puke bucket and your balls because it is brutal
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    im trying to just maintain my physique right now and have been doing HIIT twice a week, in conjunction with 3 seperate lifting sessions.

    my HIIT routine has been

    sprint 30 seconds - walk 60 seconds
    sprint 40 - walk 80
    sprint 20- walk 40

    ive been going through this progression 6 times, twice a week. It ends up taking about 45 minutes, factoring in warm up/cool down time.

    do you think this is an overuse?

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