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Thread: Looking for some good advice

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    Looking for some good advice

    Ok right now I am truly in the zone training for my 1st meet in Nov. In the 100% RAW Federation. I have been slowly losing weight about four months ago I was 271-273lbs since then I have been watching my calories, fat, protein, carbs very carefully everyday using and a book called Power Eating by Susan Kleiner. I have been having great results I have came down to 248lbs and my squat and dead lift have gone up, Im losing some on the bench though. My problem right now last saturday I weighted in at 246, sunday 253 and this morning 248. I was wondering if I should now try to focus more on staying around this and put more concentration on my bench? I want to compete in the 242 class. I do cardio 5-6 days a week on my lift days for 15 mins with hills (the treadmill goes up and down by itself making as if I were running up hills) and on sunday I run 30mins hill and 15 mins elliptical. Another thing I was wondering when the meet does come in I would probably way in friday night. Now I weigh myself 1st thing in the morning but at night time I'm usually anywhere from 4-6lbs heavier. Should I try to cut weight until I weigh 242 at night or maybe try not o eat that day until after weigh in? Any info would really help. Thanks in advance.
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    It seems like you have a lot goig on with gettig your training straight and preparing for your first meet. Why don't you leave the weight thing to be for now and focus on getting your first meet under your belt. Once you have that experience, then you can play with what weight class you want to enter. No offense, you probably won't be setting any fed records anyways so just focus on not bombing out, learning as much as you can about a meet, and enjoying the heck out of yourself. Best of luck!

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    I agree with this. Just do whatever you need to in training and with your diet to be as strong as possible for the meet. Just go and weigh in and lift in whatever weight class you end up in. There is so much going on with your first meet, there's no need to worry about manipulating to make a weight class. Besides, with what you are doing now, you are likely to make 242 by November anyway.

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    I vote for eating however you need to get stronger as well.

    For your first meet, don't worry about your weight. Go, learn, open light, and have fun. It's just lifting weights. A lot of people forget that in this sport. Its supposed to be fun!
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